SEO Services

SEO Services

SEO is either an acronym that makes you feel great or fills you with dread. You most likely get emails every day from all over the world from people who make promises about getting you to page one. 

There are many factors you need to consider, but it's actually quite simple. Each page on your website must demonstrate to the search engines that it is relevant and important.

It also must offer a great user experience when there, so no duplicate content, broken links, slow loading pages and thin irrelevant content.

No tricks, no schemes, no short cuts. Simply, make sure the right phrases (and versions of) are in the right places and then have an honest go at developing authority in your site. These days that means:

Building your brand online
Getting links from authoritative and relevant websites
Contributing in social media
Publishing useful and interesting articles, PR and blogs
Allowing people to share, like and comment on your content

How Can We Help

We will make sure your site has no issues, research and create a relevant keyword targeting strategy, make all on-site changes and then we help to build the sites authority over time.

We can often get great results with just sorting the website out and applying a keyword targeting strategy but if you have a competitive industry or your site has a weak authority on the web then we can work each month to keep the keywords rising in the search engines.

We also provide great insight into how your website is performing through keyword ranking analysis and traffic reporting including all the really important metrics you need to know.

We have a team of writers who can create great content for distribution around the web, either for your own site or for article or online PR.

We do a free initial review for you, which is created manually and you will likely discover somethings about your site you never knew!!

Call on 01329 556 556 to book your free website review now!
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